4-5 reteaching writing a function rule answers in genesis

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4-5 reteaching writing a function rule answers in genesis

In this article the term FEMA is used as a short term for the Federal Emmergency Management Facility of USA and similar facilities in allied countries In the last years one has seen a continual establishment of big and massive FEMA camps or camps of the same type that do not tag themselves as belonging to any particular organization.

Also one sees great number of vans that look like some kind of intensive care ambulanses, without being tagged as such. The vans are often white whith or whitout symbols telling they belong to FEMA, they have few windows and those that are, are darkened or sladded.

Other vehicles are dark or camouflage greybrown with dakened windows, and only some of them are tagged with FEMA symbols or symbols of any other organization.

Technically they may belong to the National Guard or some national transport organization, but teir whereabouts strongly indicate they often work for FEMA. The vans are also already in heavy use on the highways of North America. The camps are usually also connected to the railway network, and in many of the camps one find two-leveled railway vagons suited for mass transportation of humans.

Private megastores, sports stadiums and other big places for the public are either shut down and converted to fortified camps or equipped or reshed so that they can surve as such if not shut down yet, and this is seen especially with Walmart facilities. Underground tunnels has been constructed and stedily are under construction that connect all these facilities.

Around the country there are a number of intelligence center, called fusion centers, with the purupose of gathering and collocacating surveillance based intelligence from all kind of public and private sources regarding all kind of actions and movements of citizens.

The FEMA complex is a major consumer of this intelligence. USA and other countries pass steadily new laws defining any daviation from a strict standard of normal behavior as a major crime punishable with long prizon terms.

Those imprizoned will then be rented out as slave laborers to the great companies. This is already happening, but with the steadily greater amount of people imprizoned the camps will be used.

This is already happening, but when the number of institutionalized kids gets big enough these caqmps will be takn into use. There are already symptoms in the society telling this already is happening, and those targeted so far are mostly children or teens that are bussed to the establishments under heavy anesthesia from where they live.

Children and teens are the nost actual for such abuse. Probably one plans for all these uses. FEMA itself will not be the conductor of all these enterprizes, but it will rent out the facilities and their practical help to those conducting them.

Furthermore there exist in USA and other countries legislations that makes it possible for the president or the like to declare martial laws yhat set aside all kind of human rights that the law normally protects in case of some national crisis, even the right to live and exist, and what constitute a national crisis is ill defined.

4-5 reteaching writing a function rule answers in genesis

It is a historical fact that leaders willing to incarcerate huge number of individuals and commit mass murder fairly frequently get to power, even by democratic elections. The mere existanse of these camps together with that kind of legislation, will therefore constitute a constant threat for the freedom, halth and life of every citizen, even if they are not meant for any sinister purposes in the first place.

But what is then the main purpose3 of these ccmplexes: To rescue and support ciizens in case of a catastropy is likely a a purpose. It is illogical to think that leaders of the country only have bad purposes. But FEMA has seldome used much of its resources and exsorted a real effective effort to help people when real catastrophes have occured.

This was clearly seen by the Cathrina cyclon incident that sat most of New Orlans under water. One is therefore led to the sad concluion that recuing people is not the highest objective of that organization.

The general purpose of the organization therefore must be physical controle, logistics, mobilization and herding of the population for any purpose the leaders of the state might have.Reteaching (continued) Writing a Function Rule You can write functions to represent situations and then evaluate the function to determine a particular value.

Problem A sales associate earns $ per week plus 4% of his sales. Write a function rule for the amount he makes in a week if he sells s dollars of merchandise. Practice 1.

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