A trip to the jungle

I hope this finds you well. I had my first Ayahuasca experience one month ago. I have just finished watching your film Jungle Trip… I have to say even watching was pretty intense.

A trip to the jungle

Tumbled down some eight-ten feet!! Lost the Devkund waterfall trail!! Camped near a lake!! Yes, it all happened in a day. One fine day, I found myself into the Andharban jungles carving my way through the dense and dark, suffocating undergrowth, battling through the very air, which hung heavy, moist and still.

The sounds of the insects, the birds, and the waterfall created a symphony of nature calling me deeper into the jungle. This trek is surrounded by Mountain ranges of Tamhini GhatKundalika Valleyand Bhira Unnayi Reservoir, which offers endless trudge through the thicket forest.

A trip to the jungle

And, to add more to the excitement, at the end point of Andharban jungle trek Bhira Damanother trek starts for the Devkund Waterfalls. The trek is again through the thick overwhelming forest and leads you to a standout among the most wonderful waterfalls you would ever envision.

Mulshi Dam is around kms from Mumbai and 50 kms from Pune. From here the start point is just 3 kms away. I would suggest you to put the location as Andharban Trail start point on Gmaps and you can navigate appropriately. At the start point, you will see a small Pimpri dam.

The trail is little confusing. Just near to the dam, you will see a trail going along the dam. Just take that, after few minutes of trekking you will cross the valley as the Andharban jungles are located on the opposite side of the start point. It was dead silence there and because of amazingly foggy conditions in the range, the visibility was extremely low.

I set up my tent close to the little Pimpri dam and snoozed till the dawn. The ground was smooth under my shoes, the leaves were brushed up against my feet, the light of the sun filtered by the tree foliage on each side of the trail.

Andharban Jungle Trek start point area The whole 12 km trek one-way goes through thick wildernesses of Andharban. The heat and humidity pressed in on the skin making me sweat pointless, on the other side the air tasted both sweet and fresh, like flowers blooming on my tongue. Camped just at the start point of Andharban jungle Trail The sweet jungle fragrance was almost cloying.

Every view was unique but the same all at once. Yes, this is the Andharban jungle irresistible beauty which can make you pen down your Shayari about the dreamy journey into it.

Dense Andharban Jungle There was nobody on the whole trek. The trail was confusing because of recently developed bushes in the rainstorm season.

In the wake of trekking nearly for 3 hours, I made it to the Bhira dam. Village on Andharban Jungle Trek Devkund Waterfall trek To get a look at completely crystal clear waterfalls, pouring persistently amidst the dense forest, trek to Devkund waterfall.Trip Details Chitwan Jungle Safari offers a wide variety of tour packages in Chitwan.

We have designed a day trip for customers who do not have few days to spend to complete their interests but still wanted to do the most exciting, interesting trip in Chitwan.

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