An analysis of the topic of air pollution issue

Essay Topics and Ideas Most forms of atmospheric pollution are harmful to human health as well as the environment at both urban and rural areas and this is because the activities that lead to pollutants being released into the air are carried out in both areas. The regions most affected by air pollution are nations in the developed and developing world such as China, India and Bulgaria. Industrialized nations such as the United Kingdom, Germany and the US also struggle with air pollution problems mostly as a result of human activity. Statistics show that if the Earth continues to burn fossil fuels in large quantities as we currently do, approximately 6million people will die yearly as a result of air pollution.

An analysis of the topic of air pollution issue

An analysis of the topic of air pollution issue

View Full Essay Words: First 2 due 27 Mar Last 1 due 3 April This essay set parts: Air pollution is presently one of the most divisive issues, considering that it continues to occur in spite of the fact that numerous environmental scientists have tried to raise public awareness concerning the concept.

Smog clouds are present above most major cities from around the world, but people have gradually learned to ignore them.

It is basically as if they simply want to improve their condition with no regard to the consequences that their actions have on the environment.

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Carbon dioxide is one of the most important pollutants in the air, considering that it is mainly responsible for the fact that the planet is experiencing a warming process. Pollution actually goes back to the period when man…… [Read More] Bibliography: And Morrisey, Wayne A. Their book relates to how people are generally inclined to ignore such threats as a result of their tendency to focus on the present.

The fact that many individuals are unwilling to cooperate in stopping climate change further contributes to making the topic divisive.Air Pollution: Current and Future Challenges.

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All Clean Air Act Topics. Learn about more about air pollution, air pollution programs, and what you can do. Status of common pollutant problems in brief.

Today, pollution levels in many areas of the United States exceed national air quality standards for at least one of the six common.

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By Lauren Bradshaw. November 22, Germany and the US also struggle with air pollution problems mostly as a result of human activity. Now that you have chosen a topic for your air pollution essay, the next step is learning more about the make-up of an argumentative essay, .

An Overview of the Issue of Environmental Pollution in the Modern World Consequences from Environmental Pollution and What We Can Do to Protect Our Planet.

4, words. 10 pages. In-Depth Analysis of the Greenhouse Effect and How We Can Stop the Pollution of the Environment 1, words. 3 pages. A In-depth Look at the Sources of Air. Nov 24,  · Vehicular Pollution problems in India There are three broad sources of air pollution from human activities: stationary or point, mobile, and indoor.

In developing countries especially in the rural area, indoor air pollution from using open fires for cooking and heating may be a serious problem. 10 Argumentative Essay Facts on Air Pollution. By Lauren Bradshaw. November 22, approximately 6million people will die per year due to air pollution related health issues.

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This will also be due to the exponential growth in vehicle purchases, heavy traffic jams and natural disasters. Students can also select a topic on today’s subject.

Social issues are sometimes affected by the environmental and economic issues, but they often have a life of their own. The social environment is comprised of a number of factors, including demographics, trends, mores and norms, and social factors that affect the market such as health, education and social mobility (MindTools, ).

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