Australias special features

Australia All parents will tell you their child is special, but a select few young Australians are taking their talents and success to incredible levels.

Australias special features

Landforms from Space Significant Rock Features Australia has some of the oldest geological features in the world with the oldest known rocks dating from more than million years ago and rare zircon crystals dating back million years located in much younger rocks.

The zircons evolved very soon after the planet was formed. These ancient features compare with the oldest known rock on Earth in northwestern Canada. Scientists say that rock was formed million years ago. Some areas of Victoria and Queensland are geologically much younger as a result of volcanic activity which last erupted a few thousand years ago.

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In recent years, the advent of improved technology and more extensive geological exploration has resulted in a greater knowledge of the age of rocks in Australia. This has been achieved by combining exploration methods such as deep seismic surveys with geochronology methods, including use of equipment such as the Sensitive High-Resolution Ion Microprobe, or SHRIMP.

This equipment uses uranium and lead isotopes from tiny portions of zircon crystals which have been extracted from rock samples to calculate the age of the crystal based on the natural decay rate of uranium to lead. It rises metres above the plains, and is the surface expression of a much larger volume of rock.

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An eroded remnant, Uluru was laid down in an inland sea during the Cambrian Period about million years ago. Erosion of the surrounding area then left Uluru and nearby Kata Tjuta exposed. The domes are made of the sedimentary rock conglomerate with iron oxide impurities.

The conglomerate resulted from erosion of mountains pushed up during Cambrian earth movements, and consists of sandstone, granite and ironstone bound together by muddy and sandy sediments. The granite here formed from molten rock which solidified beneath a layer of sandstone and developed vertical and horizontal fractures.

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Over time, the sandstone eroded away exposing the granite, which then weathered into soft sand and clay surrounding hard bits of granite called corestones. Gradual removal of the soft sand and clay has exposed the rounded boulders, allowing them to be perched on top of one other.

According to Aboriginal dreaming, the rocks are sacred and are the fossilised eggs of the Rainbow Serpent. Sitting on a bedrock of granite, the mountain is eight kilometres long and stands metres above the surrounding plain and metres above sea level.

Many people, when building a new home, anticipate spending a number of years, if not decades, living in it. Others may conceive of a shorter stay. Whatever the intention, any new home is likely to have to accommodate changing needs over its lifetime. A livable and adaptable house is one that is able to respond effectively to these needs without requiring costly and energy intensive alterations. Australia's Geographic Features. The diversity of Australia’s features are significant and for those not familiar with the scale of the country, it is easy to think of it as a relatively small island. Many international travelers visiting Australia underestimate the distances between cities and travel times. Australias Guide Pty Ltd. Special Feature HUGE. Insatiable. Unstoppable. The megalodon shark was the most deadly beast to ever live on Earth - but it could not reign forever. 0. Meet the Honey Badger’s bachelorettes.

The granite rock which lies beneath Mount Augustus is said to be million years old. The Indigenous name for Mount Augustus is Burringurah.

The granite cliff resembling a wave about to break is on the northern face of a large erosional remnant called Hyden Rock. This curved cliff face is 15 metres high and metres long which has been rounded by weathering and water erosion, undercutting its base and leaving a rounded overhang.Australia - the essential travel and destination guide.

Over 15, Australian locations with facts, maps, events accommodation and things to do.

Australias special features

Australia - the essential travel and destination guide. Over 15, Australian locations with facts, maps, events accommodation and things to do. Australias Guide Pty Ltd.

- All rights. Continental islands have a variety of physical features, while high and low islands are fairly uniform in their physical geography. Australia and Oceania: Physical Geography. Australia and Oceania: Human Geography.

Related Materials. Key Concepts. great barrier reef melanesia Micronesia ocean pacific ocean Polynesia reefs Australia. Mar 28,  · The ASEAN–Australia special summit on 17–18 March concluded with the issuing of the grandly titled ‘Sydney Declaration’. The joint statement nods to many of the issues raised at the summit including security, trade, investment, rights and people-to-people links.

Yet there was something. Our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world don't just enjoy incredible weather and surroundings - they eat a lot of fantastic food, too.


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