Cathay pacific spare parts management process

LinkedIn Summary and Analysis Basically the case Cathay Pacific explains the overall situation, the various changes in approach and strategies of the airline.

Cathay pacific spare parts management process

The Environment for Foreign Direct Investment FDI The environment for foreign direct investment FDI has become very competitive and it is important for countries to critically examine their investment policies and ensure their relevance and effectiveness in attracting and benefiting from FDI.

FDI can be described as international capital flows in which a firm in one country creates or expands a subsidiary in another.

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Its basic function is to provide capital to developing countries that face capital inadequacy due to and consequent of structural problems in the finance of economic development. The focus is to study the role of foreign institutional investors in changing the investment decisions of the individual investors and their contribution to economic growth through Capital accumulation in the economyscope of the study is limited to India.

Individual investor we mean by Executive Summary This report is commissioned to examine the new business strategies of Fabian Advertising. It draws attention to the facts that the sales revenue has been decreasing dramatically in recent years.

The aggregate production capacity of existing capital goods in the economy.

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Zero or net change 2. Means a constant level in both the capital stock and output. Adjusts the capital stocks to maintain and even increase production and the level of the economic activities.

The unspent portion of income during the period intended for spending.Aviation Spare Part Supply Chain Manage Optimization at Cathay Pacific Airways Limited Challenges Management of Spare Parts Efficient Operation.

Aviation Spare Part Supply Chain Manage Optimization at Cath by fahad ahmad on Prezi

In addition improving and introducing Ultramain information system, which enables Cathay Pacific`s technical log process and support the maintenance management afterwards was clearly helped to optimize their supply chain management of spare parts. View SCMCase 1-Cathay from SUPLLY CHI 21 at University of Macau.

SCM Case: Aviation Spare Parts Supply Chain Management Optimization at Cathay Pacific Airways Limited Dr. Qijun Qiu School of.

Viation Spare parts supply chain management optimisation at Cathay

Cathay Pacific Essay Sample INTRODUCTION • In the next 5 years 46 new planes with 3 new models to be delivered. Spare Parts Classification Spares are divided into 5 classes in terms of function 1. Rotable (Repairable with longer life span) 3PL may look at the repair management and spare parts logistics process in different angle than CP.

They have one spare parts management process but it has some drawbacks and certain issues need to be addressed to refine the process and to increase its efficiency.

First main point is that these aviation spare parts is very expensive and thus has very adverse effect on Cathay Pacific’s balance sheet. The parts supply-chain management contract also required employees from DHL Supply Chain, Cathay Pacific and HAECO to undergo nearly four months of intensive familiarization and training.

To manage the two airlines' aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul logistics, a core staff of DHL Supply Chain specialists will operate on a .

Cathay pacific spare parts management process
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