Competition of products

ContentMain3 ContentMain1 Competition is the critical driver of performance and innovation. It benefits everyone by enabling us to choose from an array of excellent products at affordable prices.

Competition of products

Strange Engineering has built its reputation by developing the most reliable and innovative driveline components in the industry.

With the evolution of power in the Pro Mod and Alcohol car ranks, Strange Engineering has responded with the introduction of its new and improved full floater kits. Certified aircraft quality steel and are fully CNC machined on the newest generation of equipment to insure the removal of all surface imperfections.

Competition of products

A precision "EDM" laser burns a hole from the top of the rod bearing journal to wrist pin bushing for an extra supply of oil to the piston pin drilled rod bearings required.

Fully stress relieved and shot peened to insure no stress risers remain. The beam is profiled for weight savings.

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The cap has been lightened for easier balancing. They are specially heat-treated using a multi-phase process to insure the ultimate in strength and reliability. Rod caps are double ribbed for added strength. Rod cap alignment dowels to keep bearing caps precisely aligned.

Bronze bushed for floating pins. The Ultimate Duramax Rod!Weiss breaks through with T&D! Ricky Weiss recorded a dream performance recently by clicking off his first Lucas oil late model Dirt series/crown. There are a large number of firms with lower barriers to entry in monopolistic competition.

The products they produce are unique to the firm but very similar to those produced by other firms. The products they produce are unique to the firm but very similar to those produced by other firms. Ghost Rocket LB Trigger Kit for Competion Item: rocket Ample Stock Manufacturer: King Glock $ The ROCKET Trigger Control Connector is the King of all "Ghost Maker" Triggers!

This kit is for Target and competion. Engine/Short Block Kits at Competition Products! Sportsman Series Short Block Kits, Maximum Effort Short Block Kits, Racer Series Short Block Kits.

Janis Win’s ProMod Championship and CrewCheif of the year

Monopolistic competition firms act like monopolies in the short run, but the differentiation of products decreases with greater competition. Demand decreases and average total cost increases, resulting in zero economic profit.

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