Gesture controlled desktop using webcam

Himanshu Yadav 29 Apr Ever imagined moving the mouse cursor just by moving your face and without touching the mouse? Yeah, it happens in the sci-fi movies.

Gesture controlled desktop using webcam

Gesture types[ edit ] In computer interfaces, two types of gestures are distinguished: In contrast, offline gestures are usually processed after the interaction is finished; e.

Those gestures that are processed after the user interaction with the object. An example is the gesture to activate a menu. They are used to scale or rotate a tangible object. Touchless interface[ edit ] Touchless user interface is an emerging type of technology in relation to gesture control.

Touchless user interface TUI is the process of commanding the computer via body motion and gestures without touching a keyboard, mouse, or screen.

Touchless interface in addition to gesture controls are becoming widely popular as they provide the abilities to interact with devices without physically touching them. Types of touchless technology[ edit ] There are a number of devices utilizing this type of interface such as, smartphones, laptops, games, and television.

Although touchless technology is mostly seen in gaming software, interest is now spreading to other fields including, automotive and healthcare industries. Soon to come, touchless technology and gesture control will be implemented in cars in levels beyond voice recognition.

See BMW Series 7. Future of touchless technology[ edit ] There are already a vast number of companies all over the world who are producing gesture recognition technology, such as: This touchless MFA solution combines facial recognition and device recognition capabilities for two-factor user authentication.

In particular, the project seeks to understand the challenges of these environments for the design and deployment of such systems, as well as articulate the ways in which these technologies may alter surgical practice. While our primary concerns here are with maintaining conditions of asepsis, the use of these touchless gesture-based technologies offers other potential uses.

Here are some of many examples: The kinetic user interfaces KUIs [19] are an emerging type of user interfaces that allow users to interact with computing devices through the motion of objects and bodies.


These can provide input to the computer about the position and rotation of the hands using magnetic or inertial tracking devices.

Furthermore, some gloves can detect finger bending with a high degree of accuracy degreesor even provide haptic feedback to the user, which is a simulation of the sense of touch.

The first commercially available hand-tracking glove-type device was the DataGlove, [21] a glove-type device which could detect hand position, movement and finger bending.

This uses fiber optic cables running down the back of the hand. Light pulses are created and when the fingers are bent, light leaks through small cracks and the loss is registered, giving an approximation of the hand pose.

Using specialized cameras such as structured light or time-of-flight camerasone can generate a depth map of what is being seen through the camera at a short range, and use this data to approximate a 3d representation of what is being seen. These can be effective for detection of hand gestures due to their short range capabilities.

Using two cameras whose relations to one another are known, a 3d representation can be approximated by the output of the cameras. These controllers act as an extension of the body so that when gestures are performed, some of their motion can be conveniently captured by software.

An example of emerging gesture-based motion capture is through skeletal hand trackingwhich is being developed for virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

An example of this technology is shown by tracking companies uSens and Gestigonwhich allow users to interact with their surrounding without controllers. The software also compensates for human tremor and inadvertent movement.

The sensors of these smart light emitting cubes can be used to sense hands and fingers as well as other objects nearby, and can be used to process data. Most applications are in music and sound synthesis, [32] but can be applied to other fields.

Earlier it was thought that single camera may not be as effective as stereo or depth aware cameras, but some companies are challenging this theory.

Software-based gesture recognition technology using a standard 2D camera that can detect robust hand gestures. Algorithms[ edit ] Different ways of tracking and analyzing gestures exist, and some basic layout is given is in the diagram above.

For example, volumetric models convey the necessary information required for an elaborate analysis, however they prove to be very intensive in terms of computational power and require further technological developments in order to be implemented for real-time analysis.

On the other hand, appearance-based models are easier to process but usually lack the generality required for Human-Computer Interaction.Experience the best with AMD technologies! Explore the latest innovative AMD technologies, and software that are changing the meaning of digital for you.

This is done using vision based hand gesture recognition with inputs from a webcam. There are other cursor control application using hand gesture, but they often require the .

GiMiSpace Cam Control is a free Windows hand gesture control software which allows you to control some of the mouse movements with your hands using your webcam.

Movements in front of the webcam are gonna be translated into vertical and horizontal cursor movements or zooming in effect, similar to what you get on smartphones.

So, here I have mentioned Best Software to Control Your PC With Hand Gesture.

NPointer: Control your computer using Gestures and Voice Commands

You may have heard of Leap Motion controller for Mac and PC which allows you to control your computer using your two hands without touching anything.

Check out the latest Microsoft technology, it is Gesture Controlled Computer using a Webcam. “Using a $30 dollar camera and this piece of Podtech software that’s still in development, you can play with computers just like Tom Cruise did in Minority Report, by grabbing files by the nipples and dragging them around the screen.

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Gesture controlled desktop using webcam

A gesture controlled calculator. Note. In the webcam feed you will see a green window (inside which you will have to do your gesture) and a .

Control Windows with Hand Gestures in Front of Webcam: GiMiSpace Cam Control