Identify sources of information advice and support about diversity equality inclusion and discrimina

References Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of current research describing the impact of language barriers on health care access and quality of care; and the role that language access programs can play in addressing these barriers. While the review includes studies done in other countries, this report aims to provide an analysis of the research evidence from a Canadian perspective. It is intended to serve as the starting point for further dialogue and collaboration among Canadian researchers, health administrators and policy makers, and providers and users of language access programs.

Identify sources of information advice and support about diversity equality inclusion and discrimina

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Implicit in the analysis is a critique of those structural and cultural factors that have prevented others from following their career aims, and of the failure of the industry more generally to be inclusive and diversify its workforce. The discussion draws upon interviews with ME professionals, students, lecturers and employers working in Britain in construction, engineering, architecture, surveying, planning and urban and landscape design to exemplify the key areas of access, support, development and progression in the industry, and to present a clear and rounded picture of what it takes to succeed as a ME professional in the BEPs today.

Construction, built environment, minority ethnic, management, diversity Introduction data and concluded that there was a need for more detailed research.

Egan, ; Ellison, ; de Graft- engage and empower all people in issues that directly Johnson et al. Therefore, qualitative The modest research conducted to date on the data was obtained through constructing a purposive experiences of ME groups in the BEPs stems from sample and conducting interviews with students, the anomaly of their numerical under-representation tutors, employees and ex-employees, professionals, within the built environment sector Owen et al.

Although inter- ; Twomey,particularly at middle and viewing as a research method is open to interviewer senior management levels see also Krishnarayan and effects Oppenheim,the advantages of being Thomas, ; Grant et al.

A scoping study commissioned The four studies CEMS,by CABE indicated that the representation of ME followed similar but varying patterns of combining groups on BEP degree courses was lower than average qualitative and quantitative methods: A N a literature review and desk research on current subsequent report Barnes et al.

What was needed by the CITB was an analysis; explanation for the mismatch between levels of enrol- N postal survey questionnaires were used to access ment on construction and built environment courses employees and construction firms in the and entry into the industry; for CABE it was a under-representation study CEMS,and description of the barriers into the professions.

Both 94 students in the progression in construction studies required accessing the statistical data that was education study CEMS, Although evidence of overt discrimination is rare, the lack of departmental records on these and other issues Getting skilled and qualified e.

However, reotypical and prejudicial attitudes. Career advice services could enhance Work experience is critical in establishing those positive perceptions of the building professions, but professional connections that will assist the student in only a small percentage of ME students reported it securing future employment.

Some universities provide raising their consciousness of the variety of careers in very little formal help for students, and those without the industry. For them, careers advice did little to family or professional contacts find it more difficult to counteract the negative school-based experiences of secure a suitable placement.

Black architect 3 Stereotypes are very powerful inhibitors for eliminat- ing ME applicants before they are given the opportu- With reference to their studies, most ME students nity to prove what they know or can do.

The history of under-expectation and experience of being unsupported at school dis- courages ME students from seeking advice from a Getting an interview white tutor for fear of being rebuffed, ignored or treated summarily. This is service provided for white and that for ME students. There is a perception that employment needs of ME students merely by being understanding practices seem to be improving particularly in the of their situation within a white sometimes hostile larger, urban-based companies, but since firms are environment.

Shortages in certain vacancies confirmed on the phone evaporate on trades and professions can mean that a networked appearing for interview. Some interviewees between personal and professional demands. As is the case in many offices in one employer.

Unfortunately, language competence a different industries, the official paths and procedures reasonable criterion is conflated with overseas origins are undermined by informal practices that cut across and ME names a dubious assumption and, by equality and diversity policies. With regard to recruit- extension, with a package of stereotypical qualities, ment, some suspected that they were shortlisted only to such as a lack of practical experience despite good comply with equal opportunities procedures and never paper qualifications, and an unwillingness to travel or really had a chance of being selected.

However, it is challenge clients. For ME women there is the dual undeniable that, despite various anomalies, local disadvantage of gender and ethnic discrimination - a authority employment has meant opening up jobs to a massive disincentive that questions the viability of a diverse workforce, and although Council posts may not career in the BEPs.

British qualifications and English language Getting on communication skills, they will be successful at the interview and do well in the industry. There is also Once in the industry retention of ME staff is dependent evidence that fluency in a second primarily South to a certain extent on the nature of the working en- Asian language is now being seen as an asset in some vironment, and access to opportunities to progress and companies which operate in areas with large ME take on responsibility in what remains a predominantly populations.

However, even compa- lose to question the system or managers for an nies that had developed equal opportunity policies and explanation.The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at LACCD has been designated to coordinate the Col- • Prioritizing student support services to help students identify and meet their academic goals sources of information.

Introduction. Cultural diversity is a hallmark of society and a powerful influence in sport, exercise, and performance psychology.

Participants are diverse in many ways, and physical activity takes place in a culturally diverse world. Define what is meant by: Diversity Equality Inclusion Discrimination Diversity – is meant by acknowledging that each individual is unique and recognising individual differences, For example culture, ability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other individual characteristic.

Principles of diversity, equality & inclusion in adult social care settings By Debbie Rumney Unit Principles of diversity, equality & inclusion in adult social care setting Explain what is meant by Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Discrimination The term Diversity means difference.

Identify sources of information, advice and support about diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination Describe how and when to access information, advice and support about diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination. The purpose of this article is to develop a conceptual framework to describe 'socially responsible diversity management'.

This framework seeks to demonstrate that the desired social justice.

Identify sources of information advice and support about diversity equality inclusion and discrimina
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