Imagine you are the mirror. write a speech

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Imagine you are the mirror. write a speech

Now, for a second and no longerimagine that, in watching these actions take place, you also felt them. A tingle on your back.

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A knock to your knee. A pinch on your skin. That is mirror-touch synesthesia. Synesthesia and Empathy Think about the last time you watched someone take a bad fall or listened to a friend grind his or her teeth.


For a split second, you cringe at the thought of physically feeling what they must feel. In a sense, we all empathize to some degree with the physical feelings of others.

imagine you are the mirror. write a speech

For an individual with mirror-touch synesthesia, however, the area of the brain that creates this empathy is hyperactive. In this article from LiveSciencetwo mirror-touch synesthetes talk about their experiences and how this accentuated empathy has shaped their lives.

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On the other hand, I have had a pretty deep flesh cut — so when I observe someone accidentally cut themselves when chopping up lettuce, I can certainly empathize with the sting.

Are You a Mirror-Touch Synesthete? While the answer to this question might be painfully obvious pun fully intendedthere are actually tests for this type of synesthesia.

One of them, wherein a sensory interference task is used to verify the presence of mirror-touch, is described here complete with a nice diagram. Another, which involves the user of fMRI, is discussed at length here. Piggybacking off of the first test I linked, we might design a simple synesthesia test ourselves.

On the count of three, have the friend that you can see place a finger on one cheek, both cheeks, or neither cheek. At the same time, have the friend behind you place a finger on one of your cheeks, both of your cheeks, or neither cheek.

At the end of each trial, have the friend behind you record what you felt left cheek, right cheek, both, or neitheralong with what each of the two friends physically did.

Once you have a nice collection of data, sit down and do some analysis. How many times did you feel that both cheeks were being touched when the visible friend was touching his or her right cheek and the non-visible friend was touching your left?

Were there times when you felt that both cheeks were being touched, when in reality neither was?Mother of the Groom Speech Examples and Tips. Here you can find the best groom's mother speech examples and lots of other free useful tips and resources.

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