Negotiation preparation memo

We have made these values a cornerstone of our ongoing transformation and modernization efforts. The OPS Anti-Racism Policy followed in February to address systemic racism head-on and create more equitable human resource management directives, policies, procedures and practices to support all employees, including Indigenous, Black and racialized employees. In Aprileach ministry submitted concrete plans for diversifying senior leadership. Our Diversity Career Champions Program pairs senior executives with staff from groups who are under-represented in upper management.

Negotiation preparation memo

We each acquire our own, unique style. Still, certain factors are reasonably constant in any profession. Labor leaders normally present their cases by oral argument or on a prepared grievance form, or perhaps a combination of each.

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After all, we are not lawyers by trade. We are tradesmen and tradeswomen, who have been elected to represent our fellow workers.

Negotiation preparation memo

At times, however, representational duties carry us far beyond the everyday activities of the workroom floor. If representation involves appeals before such appellate bodies as the Merit Systems Protection Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, or one of the Agencies within the Department of Labor, representation will frequently require formal evidence submissions and more elaborate case preparation.

Although the Administrative Law Judge or Hearings Officer may well accept less formally prepared materials, especially if the appellant is appearing without representation pro se petitionerthe officer may well Negotiation preparation memo a higher quality of submission from an appellant who is represented.

Furthermore, the USPS labor advocate will usually present a decent submission when ordered to by an Administrative Law Judge or other hearing representative or board officer.

We can hardly afford to do less. This Negotiation preparation memo will discuss basic elements of style for drafting a legal styled pleading, drawing up and using certificates of service, and assembling a tabular file to organize the brief and its supporting documents into a formal, properly documented submission.

It is only human nature to select neat over sloppy. Given that most formal appeals involve very serious issues, often involving job jeopardy, retirement, or injury compensation, the stakes are too high to simply "wing it" with a carelessly prepared or poorly documented case.

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A well briefed case almost argues itself. Can a labor leader successfully write a formal pleading? I think the answer is yes, although it requires a degree of work, and the skills will go unused for periods of time. A computer is an enormous aid compared to a typewriter, as all the development and editing proceeds without touching an eraser.

A good resource for learning to write formal appeals are the many published decisions by arbitrators, hearings representatives, and administrative law judges.

The layout above right shows the four usual page elements in Federal appellate style: Note that it is not the Union or Post Office, but the forum destination of appeal that is named here. Use of Bold or italics type styles can add readability and emphasis, provided they are used with consistency and discretion.


The DATE is frequently placed here also. Once again, use of Bold or italics type styles can add readability and emphasis, provided they are used with consistency and discretion. The title of the document, which explains what is being appealed, being motioned, or being submitted, etch.

Typical pleading phraseology directly names or states the purpose or issue presented in the document. Typical examples of pleadings in various types of jurisdictions might include Discovery Request for Production of Documents Interrogatory Discovery Request Petition for VENUE Board Review Appellant's Submissions Request for Reconsideration Brief for the Grievant A pleading will be located in the center of the page, but below the caption and case index number will often appear in bold or underlined type.

Typographic Concerns It was fairly simple in the past when using a typewriter to align the caption lines underline key and parenthesis characters right parenthesis and keep the other elements reasonably straight. Earlier DOS word processors used mono-spaced type, usually courier, as the default typeface, and writing a pleading became even easier.

One could still align the type, but now on the screen without erasures, and could use all the editing tools of the word processor to backspace, overstrike, and even check the spelling.

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With more modern and fancy Windows typefaces, such as Roman and Ariel, things became more difficult.In non-competitive acquisitions, the pricing action is generally in the form of negotiation by Cost Analysis and weighted guidelines profit development involving the development of negotiation objectives by evaluating cost elements and profit and discussing the elements of cost/profit until agreement on a final contract price is reached.

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Negotiation preparation memo

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sort by course number. negotiation memorandum should provide a full explanation of the agreement reached. Where there is a deviation from the cost and pricing objectives that were established in the pre- negotiation plan, the price negotiation memorandum should reflect a basis for negotiating an.

October 31, Brothers and Sisters, The TWU-IAM Association met with American Airlines October 30 in Dallas, TX for mediated negotiations under the supervision of the National Mediation Board.

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