Niko brummer thesis

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Proceedings of Interspeech

Niko brummer thesis

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Doctoral Dissertations

Proceedings of Interspeech International Speech Communication Association,s. Gaussian meta-embeddings for efficient scoring of a heavy-tailed PLDA model. Proceedings of Odyssey On the use of X-vectors for Robust Speaker Recognition.

Enhancement and Analysis of Conversational Speech: Spoken Pass-Phrase Verification in the i-vector Space. Feed-forward approach to learn long-term temporal dependencies. Residual Memory Networks in Language Modeling: Improving the Reputation of Feed-Forward Networks.


Proceedings of Interspeeech Computer Speech and Language. Bayesian joint-sequence models for grapheme-to-phoneme conversion. Deep clustering-based beamforming for separation with unknown number of sources.

Topic identification of spoken documents using unsupervised acoustic unit discovery.

Niko Brummer Thesis

An Empirical evaluation of zero resource acoustic unit discovery. Bayesian phonotactic language model for Acoustic Unit Discovery. Proceedings of ASRU Speaker-aware neural network based beamformer for speaker extraction in speech mixtures. Summary report of project "Speech enhancement front-end for robust automatic speech recognition with large amount of training data" for Year Elsevier Science,s.

Proceeding of SLT Proceedings of SLT Learning document representations using subspace multinomial model.Nova normalnost ne može tražiti pojednostavljene univerzalije.

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Niko brummer thesis

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Neuromuscular stimulating electrodes should provide stimulation below the charge‐carrying capacity and density that induce reversible electrochemical processes and axonal damage (Brummer et al., ; Naples et al., ; Roblee and Rose, ; Loeb and Peck, ).

The Wee Blue Book – how you can help Posted on August 13, by Rev. Stuart Campbell We’ve been absolutely blown away by the response to The Wee Blue Book, readers. International Journal of Food Science and Technology Acknowledgments We gratefully acknowledge Dr. Xiaojun Liao, College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China, for his helpful advice.

BRUMMER Niko, CUMANI Sandro, GLEMBEK Ondřej, KARAFIÁT Martin, MATĚJKA Pavel, PEŠÁN Jan, PLCHOT Oldřich, SOUFIFAR Mehdi Mohammad, DE Villiers Edward and ČERNOCKÝ Jan. Description and analysis of the Brno system for LRE

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