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Include in your programme: You need to be able to find teachers with relevant skills and at least years of experience in the recruitment business to start off. Recruiters can set up their own consultancies too.

Investment - Rs Lakh Avg. Just Desserts You can manufacture ice cream and sell it in your own ice cream parlours or distribute it to different business verticals, like hotels and restaurants. You sell your product to distributors and, thus, to end users.

Is this for me A dairy technology course is best, but phokatcopy business plan the only way; a graduation degree is enough. Insight "Lack of quality raw material is shrinking the ice cream business in India even though consumption rate has increased over the years," Mukund Kamath, Owner of Ideal Ice Cream.

How it was done S. Prabhakar Kamath, the founder of Ideal Ice Cream in Mangalore, used to deal in tailoring material and firecrackers.

He wanted a more stable business, so he learnt the art of ice cream making, experimenting with techniques at home.

phokatcopy business plan

At present, the legacy of producing quality ice cream is in the hands of Mukund Kamath, son of S. Toys On Rent Happy kids. These are the people you are going to deal with in the toy rental business everyday. Set up a website through which parents can access your repository of toys and subscribe to it as well.

'Photocopy Phokat mein' is their mantra! - Business

Subscription charges from the customers. Income can also be generated through franchisees. Is this for me Knowledge of the brands of toys you want to include in your library - Good people skills - Interest in children Insight "It is imperative to identify your target market here and make a detailed customer profile in this business.

That way we know that here in Bangalore, areas around IT hubs and other apartment centric residential areas form a large portion of our customer base," Shilpa Prasad, Rentoys. Major existing players in the space: How it was done The idea was put into action by Neeta Verma who saw the need for providing safe, durable and clean toys to children and at the same time make it a less expensive affair for the parents.

What sets rentoys from apart from other similar services is that they only deal with branded toys in their toy library - Funskool, Fisher Price, Tomy, Lamaze etc.

What do Successful Startups Have In Common ? | Murat Can Demir Then we all voted on the success factors which we believe is the most important for each of us and finally came to an agreement.
An Interview with Harsh Narang, Founder of Phokatcopy Founded by Harsh Narang, a final year student at IIT-Delhi, It provides 'free photocopies' to students by utilising the back page for advertisements by companies who want to target the youth clientele. It is an innovative means to market directly to the growing year old demographic in our urban cities, and provide them with the niche attention they deserve.
Internet business As a part of our project, we will also be installing Green Bins on all campuses.
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Break even - 1. Food Information And Logistic There is a huge demand for web-available information for restaurants around several cities in the country. Become an end-to-end food service provider by starting your own website and acquiring a logistics team.

You would basically be catering to all the customer needs: We talked to a lot of them to know if they are interested in outsourcing their logistics to reduce their effort. How it was done TastyKhana evolved to become a huge success, even though the entrepreneurs behind the idea did not have any food related background, because of the keen interest they took in organizing parties and lunches during their corporate lives.

It started as an information site which gave listings of restaurants around the city and over time it grew over time to become an end-to-end food service provider by starting delivery services from its associated restaurants to its customers.

Is this for me Technical knowledge of designing and calculating water flow, water friction rate, pipe line size, pump capacity, route of water line, location of control gate valves, selection of irrigation devices like sprinklers, micro sprinklers, drip lines and dripper nozzles will help.

phokatcopy business plan

Before signing a contract, check if the required materials are available on time and the area ready to place the irrigation line," Siddharth Rai, Owner of Ficus 's business has grown more than % in last 12 months. works on a very cutting edge technology stack and makes use of the most contemporary .

Jul 23,  · Phokatcopy. Entrepreneurs: Harsh Narang. Seed capital: Rs 3 lakh (family and business plan competition) Business: Offers students photocopying services for free, through advertisements on the back page. How it makes money: The advertiser subsidies the cost of photocopy and business revenue is generated on this differential.

'Phokatcopy' the new buzz word on campus - The Economic Times

Students who spend a lot on photocopying notes on campus can earn it all back by way of points that can be traded for fast food, free mobile talktime or iPods, thanks to a new business concept of an IITian.

So place a lot of thought into business preparing and understanding about your business niche and how your enterprise do effectively in it. Here is a tutorial on diverse kinds of business models to assist you produce a excellent business plan and company model for your notion.

PhokatCopy is a youth-oriented advertising platform currently running in Delhi University and IIT Delhi. Founded by Harsh Narang, a final year student at IIT-Delhi, It provides 'free photocopies. Sep 14,  · PhokatCopy was actually an idea for a business-plan competition that was held on campus a couple of years ago.

"Students are reimbursed .