Smartboard research paper lessons

Preassessment Reflection One of the biggest shifts of the Common Core is the emphasis on argument writing. As a preliminary introduction to this type of writing, I designed a lesson as a preassessment. Instead of spending time throughout the unit teaching students what they already know, I want to start the unit this way so I can figure out how to focus the rest of the unit.

Smartboard research paper lessons

Lesson One - Alphabetizing to the first letter Choose several of the word cards of the first lesson. Pick short one-syllable words and only one word from each letter of the alphabet.

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Suggested words from a-z: This is only 12 words. You can choose more or less depending on your student. It may be a good idea to compile two sets of words. Lay the sorting cards worksheet in front of your child. Show your child the alphabetic going across the top of the sheet. You can tell you child that the letters are in alphabetical order.

Tell your child that he is going to put some words in alphabetical order. Take the first pile of word cards and mix them up again.

Show your child that he must first find the first card Smartboard research paper lessons would normally be a card that has a word that starts with an a. In future lessons you should occasionally give your child word card sets that have no cards with an a word. Your child should place the first card in the first block of the worksheet, then the next one in the next block and so on How you use and whether you use the worksheet is up to you.

The main purpose of the worksheet is: Displaying the alphabet for your child as a reminder and having a place for your child to lay his cards. Repeat this lesson as many times as needed using different cards that start with a different letter and without skipping letters. Lesson Two - Alphabetizing to the first letter, skipping letters When your child shows that he can place words that start with letters that are not skipped, hand him a stack of cards that contain skipped letters.

Such a group of cards could be these words from the file a-z: Repeat this lesson as much as needed.

Lesson Three- Alphabetizing to the second letter The next level is alphabetizing to the second letter. You should explain how to alphabetize to the second letter as many times as your student needs. Use words such as these words from the file a-f: Use the files above or make your own with the blank files.

Lesson Four- Alphabetizing to the third letter After alphabetizing to the second letter for five or more lessons, then move into alphabetizing to the third letter. Select words from the j-k file or any of the others.

These words from the j-k file can be used for the first lesson: Repeat this lesson as often as needed and repeat the instructions as often as needed. Meanwhile, mix in lessons about Guide Words. Lesson Five- Alphabetizing to the fourth letter When you get to alphabetizing to the 4th letter, select words form the s words file and the j-k file: After this lesson, you could have him order words based on the 5th letter.

This mastering of alphabetizing is what you are after. Your child needs a firm understanding of how words are ordered in reference books.Graph Paper. Research. Science Spotlight on Science. Unit Booklets. Visible Body. What's For Lunch? Sitemap. 1 day since 8th Grade Trip. 38 days until Holiday Break.

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Smartboard research paper lessons

Selection File type icon File name Description Size Revision Time User 1-Digestive System;. WHY CONSIDER A WORKSHOP APPROACH TO MATH INSTRUCTION? Each student receives small group, need- specific instruction, followed by independent worktime Allows for students to be rotated/moved to different groups by lesson or unit Students are engaged at all times in mathematics practice, and concepts are.

Welcome to the home page of elementary level art lessons! The lessons are now categorized by grade level, subject, integration, art period, artist, and medium.

Books for teaching animal plant habitats and adaptations mfw adv 19 20 21 Find this Pin and more on 3rd Grade Science-Habitats & Adaptations by Leah Perry.

This is a wonderful source for books that teaching about animal and plant habitats. This lesson plan has three activities about animal behavior using mealworms. Students will observe the mealworm's natural behaviors in its habitat and apply a number of stimuli while recording responses.


Lastly, they will hold auditions using the reacti. Moreover, several research studies have noted that the use of whiteboards shifts instruction from presentation to interaction, and moves students’ focus away from teachers and onto content, making interactive whiteboard lessons more student-centered than traditional ones (Cuthell, ; Miller, Glover & Averis, , ; Painter, Whiting.

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