Subway communication strategy

This purpose of event is to benefit and advance the local markets and to make these campaigns a success requires diligence and hard work. Subway provide high quality fresh product which is included sandwich, salads, soup and beverages. The products of Subway are calorie labeling, salt reduction, removal of trans-fats and calorie reduction.

Subway communication strategy

Great degree of subs customization Largest fast food restaurant chain in the world by the number of outlets Marketing and promotional strategies Partnerships with Britain and American Heart Associations All restaurants are owned by franchisees Low startup costs Interior design of the outlets often looks cheap High employee turnover Services are not consistent from store to store Too much control over franchisees Opportunities Increasing demand for healthier food Home meal delivery Changing customer habits and new customer groups Introduction of drive-thru Saturated fast food markets in the developed economies Trend towards healthy eating Local fast food restaurant chains Currency fluctuations Lawsuits against Subway Strengths Great degree of subs customization.

Customers always like to choose and the more choices they can make about their purchase the more satisfied they are with it. Subway is better than any other large fast food chain in providing the choice of meal customization.

Subway communication strategy

Largest fast food restaurant chain in the world by the number of outlets. Marketing and promotional strategies. Subway employs superior marketing techniques and promotional strategies to attract and grow their customer base.

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Choice of healthier meals. This Subway strength meets current trend of eating healthier food. Partnerships with Britain and American Heart Associations.

Issue 1 Subway has not only developed as a brand in Australia but also in its marketing strategy due to the early integration of a digital strategy. This has allowed the Subway brand to further own the ‘Healthy Alternative’ position in the fast food industry as is evident in the recent market research reults (Sprout Research, ).Subway is a worldwide franchising company and is. “Subway” is facing very hard competition in the market of fresh foods. 2. To exist in such environment, it is making new marketing strategies to be in the top of the list. To seduce the French market, Subway use a very methodical strategy, they divided the country into 16 area managed by business developer in charge of finding sport, and finding people to buy a store, in other word developing the network.

Subway has received certificates from both organizations that it serves health meal options, which is a great reward and differentiates the business from other fast food restaurants.

All restaurants are owned by franchisees. One of the reasons behind such a high growth rate of Subway stores is the low startup costs.

Subway stores are smaller and require less money for leasehold improvements and equipment. Weaknesses Interior design of the outlets often looks cheap. Subway Sandwich Artists job is a low paid and a low skilled job. It results in low performance and high employee turnover, which increases training costs and add to overall costs of Subway.

Services are not consistent from store to store. Too much control over franchisees. Despite the fact that Subway fails to ensure consistent quality throughout the stores it exerts too much control over its franchisees. This is done through the contracts that are more favourable to the franchisor.

An example of such high control is seizeing of franchisee restaurants if the later one is struggling to keep them open. Opportunities Increasing demand for healthier food.

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Subway could exploit an opportunity of delivering food to home and increase its reach to customers. Changing customer habits and new customer groups.

Changing customer habits represent new needs that must be met by businesses.Subway has a great communication with their supplier that is the quality of fruits will be check per week to ensure the quality of fruits is stay in high quality. Quality control is very important because it can affect the loyalty of customer in long term.

Subway: Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages Subway prides themselves on their sandwiches -- custom-made on freshly baked breads, Subway sandwich shops provide fresh, great-tasting 'made to order' subs, salads and wraps, with extraordinary customer service and value.

Product in the Marketing mix of Subway.

Subway communication strategy

The main product in the menu of a Subway restaurant is the submarine sandwich. Besides this, the menu includes baked goods like muffins, doughnuts and cookies, salads and wraps.

There are different sauces, 6 bread types and different vegetarian and non vegetarian options to choose from to make your own SUB sandwich. The Subway brand, with its innovative service approach, crafty pricing strategy and delicious meals, has in the last years grown massively; not only in reputation but the chain has also surpassed McDonald’s in having more restaurants worldwide.

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There are more SUBWAY restaurants in the world than any other restaurant chain, making us a leader in the global development of the quick service restaurant industry.

Communication is made directly to consumer and the flow of communication is the opposite of push strategy. When there is a demand from customer, retailer demands the product from wholesaler, and then the wholesale asks the product from manufacturer.5/5(3).

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