The pros cons and application of literal thinking

Since then, he has written around 40 books on creativity and thinking. This article is a whistle-stop tour of some of his more notable methods. Lateral thinking A way of understanding lateral thinking is through its opposite, vertical thinking.

The pros cons and application of literal thinking

The project is a smaller one with just myself and a Web designer, and we both feel that this method has helped us work a lot faster and get something to market much sooner.

The web designer has directly swapped out and revised his original design 3 or 4 times, with very few changes on my part.


His comment to me was that he felt like the HTML was alive in that he could edit it and then immediately see the changes on his machine with dynamic data. I fully expect to have some disagreements with more experienced Java developers who have been brainwashed by what the Apache foundation and the Spring team have told them regarding how tag libraries make it easier for frontend developers to work with the code.

Another pitfall is that the JavaScript code has become very massive. Perhaps picking a better framework would have helped alleviate a lot of the bulk of the code. One of our operations guys wanted to try a proof of concept in another application, and thanks to my RESTful services, we were able to create an entirely different frontend to the application to solve a completely different problem.


In the end, another project manager saw what I had done, and it became immediately clear that the feature needed to be more than just a proof of concept, so his team implemented it.The pros and cons of the rational decision-making approach suggests that it finds use as a facilitating tool to aid decision-making and supplement the existing system in certain situations.

Imposing it as a decision-making system by uprooting the existing system may become counterproductive. Critical thinking is appreciated by critical thinkers, and that is another sad truth. Further, critical thinking solves nothing while creating difficulties for the thinker.

S/he hears a politician make a blatantly false comment, explains the fallacy to his neighbor who dismisses the critique by .

There is currently some discussion about whether to use literal controls vs using the exact control needed and modifying the inner html, href, innerText etc.

The pros cons and application of literal thinking

For some reason I hate literal controls, but can't really explain why other than I hate building html on the server side. thinking of the pros and cons You will see an example of how to do this on the next page. This skill is a way of looking at unhelpful/ destructive behaviour.

Lateral thinking is like humour: you only get it afterwards. Po. Overall, de Bono has a radical approach to creativity. Rather than improve on existing ideas, he prefers to get out of the current thinking trough and go dig somewhere completely different.

The pros cons and application of literal thinking

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Pros and Cons of the Rational Decision Making Approach