Write a number sentence to show the distributive property

Fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm. Grade 4 Arkansas 4. Use this principle to recognize and generate equivalent fractions.

Write a number sentence to show the distributive property

write a number sentence to show the distributive property

Different Kinds of Luck Luck is a pervasive feature of human life Williams It appears to arise in four main ways Nagel ; Statman First, the outcomes of our actions are affected by luck resultant luck.

In the mides it may have seemed prudent to take a degree in computer science; someone who did so and completed a course just before the IT bubble burst unforeseeably in may rightly see her ensuing unemployment as bad resultant luck.

Second, the circumstances in which one acts introduce luck circumstantial luck.

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A person who is offered proper incentives and plenty of time to deliberate may make a wiser decision than she would under less favorable conditions; it may be by accident that she finds herself in the favorable conditions and hence makes the wiser decision but see Pritchard— Third, luck affects the kind of person you are constitutive luck.

Genetically, some people are at greater risk of cancer through smoking than others, and because of this it makes sense to say that some smokers are lucky to avoid cancer. Children who grow up in a stimulating environment perhaps become more motivated than they would in a duller setting; yet children rarely determine the time and place in which they are raised.

But luck that does—whether the interests are characterized in terms of welfare, resources, opportunities, capabilities to achieve functionings, or in some other way—certainly seems relevant.

They would further assume that it is their own good luck to have been born in affluent countries, that they do not deserve their favorable starting position, and that this makes the inequality unjust.

If those who live in developing countries were in the situation they find themselves in through their own fault, and not victims of bad luck, no question of distributive justice would arise. The underlying assumption seems to be that luck-affected differential standings are morally undesirable or unjust Arneson85; Tan—; Temkin; but this assumption calls for philosophical clarification.

Given the pervasiveness of luck, such clarification appears to be required whenever people end up unequally well off.

Distributive Justice It is commonplace to distinguish between retributive justice and distributive justice. In both cases the issue of bad luck arises, and offhand it seems that the role one ascribes to luck in one area will constrain the role one can ascribe to luck elsewhere: In the present entry, however, we shall focus on relations between luck and distributive justice.

In fact it will be useful to narrow the focus further to a particular family of theories of distributive justice—namely, those involving an end-result principle of justice Nozick— End-result principles entail that one can judge whether a certain distribution of goods is desirable without knowing how it came about.

Strictly speaking, Rawls himself says that the difference principle applies to the basic structure of society Scheffler—; compare Cohen—; Cohen—so for Rawls it applies only indirectly to outcomes.

On this understanding, the difference principle is not, in any straightforward sense, an end-state principle. Here we prefer to treat the difference principle as one that applies directly to outcomes.The Distributive Property gives you the opportunity to break apart a multiplication problem to make two or more simpler problems.

That's why using the Distributive property can come in handy! The following array s show how to quickly use the distributive property to calculate 6X Learn how to simplify algebra equations with the distributive property law of numbers.

Find examples and tips with this tutorial.

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multiplying 4 and Calculating this example will require carrying the number 1 when you multiply, which can be tricky if you're being asked to solve the problem in your head.

How to Write Algebraic. The array representing the even number 10 has the dots divided evenly into two equal rows of 5, but the array representing the odd number 11 has an extra odd dot left over.. When we write out the whole numbers in order, the even and odd numbers alternate, starting with 0, which is an even number .

Distributive property lesson plans and worksheets from thousands of teacher-reviewed resources to help you The easiest way to show algebra learners how to expand linear expressions using the distributive property is with an area model. Learners then view illustrations of objects and write a number sentence to fit the Get Free Access.

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Algebra -> Distributive-associative-commutative-properties-> SOLUTION: the zoo charges a $14 entry fee. write a number sentence using the distributive property to show how much a group of 8 people will have to pay.. Log On.

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